Hazardous Waste Management Tips for Eco-Friendly Companies

8 October 2020
 Categories: Environmental, Blog

If your company deals with the handling and disposing of hazardous waste — be it chemicals or cleaners — then you need to take a solid approach to manage this aspect of your company. These tips can get you started in an eco-friendly direction in no time.

Read Up on Current Legislation

There are particular things your company needs to do in regard to getting rid of hazardous waste, and that's determined by legislation. So to ensure your company is doing everything according to code, it's advisable to read up on as much local legislation as you can as it pertains to hazardous waste.

You may have to label bins a certain way, work with particular companies, and use specialized equipment. Looking at this legislation is a good starting point for figuring out how your company can comply with waste management regulations.

Store Appropriately

If you currently don't have a way to alleviate hazardous waste on your worksite, then make sure you're extra careful with how this waste is stored in the meantime. Then you can ensure it doesn't end up in the wrong place or affect people around your work environment.

Storage starts with using the appropriate packaging and storage bins. They need to be specifically recommended for the waste you're storing. Next, you need to put these materials away from other things around the worksite.

Ideally, they should be in a closed-off area that isn't easy to access. You can then feel better about the hazardous waste remaining untouched until it can be disposed of properly. 

Hire a Consultant

If your company is a little out of its element in regards to disposing of hazardous waste, then the best professional you can hire is a hazardous waste management consultant. They know hazardous waste better than most and their skills and knowledge will help you deal with these materials correctly.

They'll first assess the particular waste on your worksite and come up with disposable methods that are best suited to your worksite and operations. They can also perform audits to identify possible issues you may have overlooked regarding your waste handling and disposal methods.

Hazardous waste comes in a lot of varieties, but regardless of type, it needs to be handled and disposed of properly. If you're serious about waste management and enact the right procedures, you can minimize things like exposure, contamination, and environmental impacts. Reach out to a professional for more assistance.